Masterclass Program

New Theme, Skill Tutorials and A Full-Length Lesson Every Month

The foundation of the Masterclass Program is the on-going class structure.  Every month starts with a new painting subject and new theme. Each week there’s a new skill building tutorial to help you accomplish the theme. At the end of each month there’s a new full-length, in-depth painting lesson on the subject and theme for the month. We finish up with  a live, online class where you can ask questions, have your work critiqued and see demos on the next subject. 

View the videos below for short samples of what you can expect every month. 

Weekly Skill Builders

There’s a new skill building tutorial offered each week. The tutorial covers an important idea or skill needed to accomplish the current subject and theme.

These tutorials are usually short – less than 20 minutes and offer a focused skill exercise. Like the full-length lessons, the ideas are fully explained and tell the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. 

This kind of focused ‘micro-practice’ is a way to develop skill and understanding quickly. 

Monthly In-Depth, Full-Length Lesson

Every month we produce a new, full-length lesson on the subject and theme for the month. 

These lessons are inclusive.  Usually they include short tutorials on creating the composition, creating color studies, and often more.  There is complete information on the materials you’ll need, info downloads including a drawing layout and other reference info. 

The painting lesson videos are split into several steps making it easy to work through the painting when your schedule permits. 

The new lessons are added to the individual Subject Lesson Libraries as well. 

Monthly Live Online Class

This feature is what makes the Watercolor Methods Masterclass unique.

It is your chance to get together with the instructor and other Masterclass members online.

A typical live class includes a Q&A session about anything related to watercolor painting, a live critique of members work, and live demos to get us started on the next monthly subject and theme. 

Not only do I love to paint in watercolor, I love to teach it as well. And I would love to become part of your watercolor painting journey. My Watercolor Methods Masterclass is a unique online watercolor painting experience that combines self-paced video tutorials and lessons with a monthly LIVE online watercolor class. The combination is a powerful method of making progress fast!