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How To Paint A Quiet Winter Stream On Rough Paper

Combine Basic Techniques, A Simple Color Scheme, And A Simple Value Composition


  • Learn to create a value composition that interlocks planes of space and creates a strong center of attention
  • Learn how to make the best of the texture of rough paper
  • Learn to let the value composition guide the placement of hue and value

About This Lesson

The key to this painting is a strong composition with good value contrasts at the focal point along with textural contrast that emphasizes the softness of a snow-covered winter scene.

This painting relies heavily on basic watercolor painting techniques,combining them to create a complex, professional looking result.

Contrast and variety make for a lively and visually interesting painting. The heavy use of wet and dry-in-wet techniques will create a lot of soft texture and soft-egded shapes. We’ll balance and contrast all of that softness with the rough textures that happen so naturally on Rough watercolor paper.

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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