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Paint A Snowy Winter Scene With Cerulean Blue


    • Learn how to make the best of a unique, tricky color
    • Learn to use the surface of the paper for sparkle and texture
    • Using basic techniques confidently for a sophisticated look

About This Lesson

This lesson makes short work of a winter scene. It’s easy to imagine the sun peeking out and lighting up a landscape of freshly fallen snow.
We’ll use Cerulean Blue prominently in this painting. Cerulean is a unique and beautiful color. It’s pigment is dense and heavy and easily turns to ‘mud’ in dry washes.
We’ll use the wet-in-wet technique to provide the freshness of a winter day and to help manage the difficult color of Cerulan Blue. The painting is done on Rough paper for additional textural expression.

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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