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Paint A Spring Landscape With Warm Sunlight

Learn To Use The Direct Method On Rough Paper


  • Using Rough paper for textural effects
  • How to use a direct approach with watercolor
  • Capturing light with contrasts and warm shadows

About This Lesson

The early spring landscape is not a popular subject for painting.  It usually features a rough, ragged landscape in grays and browns with matted weeds and grasses and mud puddles everywhere.

What it also often has is warm sunlight! In this lesson, we work on capturing those first beautiful rays of warm sunlight falling on the landscape.  We’ll use rough paper to get some of the rough look of landscape and to get some sparkle and highlights in the scene.

The lesson is a little more advanced than most and requires a sure hand along with a good deal of confidence!

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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