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Paint A Sycamore Tree In A Spring Landscape


  • How to paint the unique look of the Sycamore tree
  • To create the look of early spring with the right color combinations
  • Using a precise drawing when needed

About This Lesson

Sycamore trees are large and lovely trees. They are usually massive in size with unusual bark.  The branches of the sycamore can take crazy, angular twists as they grow. Getting these to look right means a careful drawing and careful painting as well. 

This lesson really focuses on painting the sycamore tree. But, we’ll plant it in an early spring landscape so that we can show off it’s shape and beautiful, unique structure.

This lesson steps through creating a spring landscape with the additional color notes and particular details that make it look like spring instead of winter.

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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