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Our Most Recent Lessons

Value Sketch Process For A Watercolor Seascape Painting

Value Sketch Process Create A Value Composition Plan For A Rocky Shore Seascape Painting Value sketch process for a watercolor seascape painting in evening light. This lesson shows the process, thinking and insights into two simple value sketches done in preparation...

Two Tea Tins In Two Minutes

Fast And Loose Watercolor Painting Lesson Build Basic Brush and Wash Skills With Another Fast Lesson Fast Work For Building Skill Working fast and loose with a short deadline rarely results in a masterpiece, but it does help build skill with the brush and those...

Split Complementary Color Scheme Study Watercolor Painting Lesson

Rural Farm Scene In Unusual Color Creative Exploration Is Part Of The PointThis is a quick color study using a split-complementary color scheme. We'll use the same little rural farm scene that we've used in other color studies. In this one, we'll be a little creative...

Quick, Fun Skill-Building Exercises

Tree Trunks In Snow – Fast And Loose Watercolor Painting

Tree Trunks In SnowAnother Fast And Loose Two Minute Watercolor Painting Lesson A very fast, two minute watercolor painting lesson of tree trunks in snow. Fast paintings like this don't always result in a masterpiece, but they do build skill in handling paint and...

Rocks, Reflections and Water – Quick Watercolor Painting Lesson

Rocks In Water Another Two-minute Skillbuilding Drill Two Minute drills are great for many reasons. The first is that you get to do a little watercolor painting very quickly - so if you are short on time, it's perfect! Plus you'll have to work very fluidly, just to be...